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Q. What is ZeroPC

A. Simply put, ZeroPC turns your browser into a PC. With any browser and an Internet connection you can open your personal ZeroPC desktop. ZeroPC provides you with everything you would expect from a desktop - and so much more! Manage your content, run applications, share your content with others, connect with other Internet providers like Facebook, Box.net and more...

Q. What do I need to use ZeroPC

A. Any browser and an Internet connection. That's it! You can log into your ZeroPC from anywhere in the world using any computer or Web-enabled device that is connected to the Internet.

Q: Why do I need to use ZeroPC

A: ZeroPC delivers a fully featured and functional Workspace as a Service (WaaS) that empowers consumers, schools and business users to move their full desktop experience online using any browser and Web-enabled device. ZeroPC provides the most comprehensive and functional desktop in the cloud with its rich combination of supported Web apps, local apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools to collaboration to social networks. With ZeroPC's Quick Share feature, in a few simple clicks, you can easily select any content you want to share from different cloud services with anyone you choose. The friend or colleague you designate will receive a secure URL to instantly login using any browser-and they will gain instant, full access to the content makes sharing and collaborating fun and easy! You can select from different plan types: Basic and Pro. There is no software to install.

Q: Who uses ZeroPC

A: For consumers, ZeroPC solves the frustration of having numerous documents, photos, videos, files, social media messages and other digital content scattered across the Web with different passwords to access each. ZeroPC gives you easy, one-stop shopping to access, manage and unify your digital life! ZeroPC provides a fully functional Workspace in the cloud, and the user can access their stuff using any major PC browser or on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone using ZeroPC's mobile apps. For schools & small-medium size businesses, ZeroPC eliminates the problem of repairing and troubleshooting slow, outdated, virus-plagued computers with disparate operating systems. ZeroPC gives organizations a fully functional Workspace as a Service for learning, collaboration or information sharing.

Q: How does ZeroPC work

A: From a user standpoint, you can open and access your personal ZeroPC desktop with any browser and an Internet connection. Because it is a 100% Web-based technology, you can use any device with browser support anytime and anywhere to access your ZeroPC desktop. Behind the scenes, ZeroPC Web desktops use standard HTML/AJAX technologies to render the full desktop interfaces that are delivered to your Web browser via standard HTTP protocol, and apps are run in Javascript and CSS (standard Web technologies) locally on your browser. With your personal content safely and securely stored in the cloud and hosted on reliable Amazon Web Services, ZeroPC provides you with a full desktop experience online.

Q. Is my stuff safe

Data security has always been of paramount importance. Now, with so many cloud data and social services available protecting your identify and security is of the utmost importance. ZeroPC is very serious about this topic. We have implemented several layers of security to protect your valuable content. All data transmission between your browser and ZeroPC is encrypted using SSL. This is the same level of encryption used by banks and other financial institutions.

We never store your credentials to connected services such as Evernote, Dropbox, Box.net, etc. Instead we have implemented an industry standard and very secure technique called "OAuth" to enable these connections. Using OAuth allows us to transfer control for each service to it's own highly secure login page. ZeroPC has registered and been validated with each of these sites. After you have successfully logged in to the site then their servers pass ZeroPC an encrypted "token". This token, along with our secret key, allow us to access the content in those services. As a user, you have complete and sole control. You may revoke this authentication at anytime.

We have implemented optional features within ZeroPC to further protect your account. This includes a desktop screen lock using a 4-digit PIN that you specify. We also allow you to generate a limited-use unique login security key. This key can be used in place of your ZeroPC username and password whenever you use an unfamiliar computer such as workstations at Internet Cafes. This keeps your username and password safe from key loggers and malware that may try to sniff this information on these unfamiliar computers.

Q. How do I get my content into ZeroPC

A: We provide easy-to-use file uploading utilities. With only a few mouse clicks, you can upload individual files or the entire contents of your computer. If you use a Google Chrome or Firefox browser, you can further use drag & drop features to upload local files from your computer to ZeroPC.

Q. What other services work with ZeroPC

A: We have fully-integrated Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.Net, Evernote, SugarSync, Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. You can seamlessly move, copy and edit content between Web storage providers like Google Docs and Box.net. Browsing Facebook photos and catching up on Twitter posts are made easy with ZeroPC. We have even provided a way for you to consolidate all of your different email accounts so that ZeroPC can notify you of any new messages all from a single location.

Q. Does ZeroPC store my username and password to other 3rd party services?

AA: No. ZeroPC does not prompt you for nor store your username and password for any of the connected 3rd party services. We use a common security technique called OAuth. This technique transfers the authentication request to the host 3rd party service such as Dropbox or Box.net. You enter your credentials using the login page of that host 3rd party service. Upon successful validation by the 3rd party service ZeroPC receives an OAuth security "token". This token is used for all communication between ZeroPC and the 3rd party services. This ensures an extremely high level of security for your content.

Q. What applications do I get with ZeroPC

A. ZeroPC comes with several native applications that include a Universal Inbox for consolidating your email and Facebook updates, a simple text editor and, of course, a intuitive and easy-to-use File Explorer for navigating and managing all of your content. We have implemented seamless integration with Microsoft's Office 365 and related OneDrive storage service to provide excellent web-based editing capabilities for your Office documents. And, ZeroPC will automatically use any local applications from your computer to give you the best user experience you can imagine - all with seamless integration.

Q. How do you run my Local Applications?

A. To access your Local Applications we use a technique that requires a Java Applet. In order for this to work you do need the Java plugin installed in the browser you use for logging in to ZeroPC. It's fast and easy to install the Java plugin. Just go to: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html. If you look under the Software Downloads section you should see a little button that says "Get Java" - just click it and it's pretty well automated. Once you have installed the Java plugin you will probably receive a prompt the next time you login to ZeroPC. The prompt is advising you that ZeroPC is attempting to run a Java Applet. This is obviously for your protection. This is a safe and secure method. Our Applet has been securely signed with a certificate from GoDaddy. If you click "Allow" then the Java Applet will work and you should see Local Apps!

Q. What about storage

A. ZeroPC provides you with up to 100GB+ of storage space for your content. This is in addition to any storage space you may use with other external providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Q. What is your payment policy

A. ZeroPC offers two different plans. We have two types of subscription plans offering expanded features and functionality. The Basic plan comes with 5GB of ZeroPC storage and 10GB of monthly bandwidth allowance. The Pro plan comes with 50GB of ZeroPC storage and unlimited bandwidth allowance. View our plan feature comparison page for details. Please refer to the pricing page for the updated pricing information.

Q: If I do not renew my subscription what happens to all of my content

A: You will have a 14-day window after your account renewal date to make a payment. During this time, you may still have limited access to your account; however, access to your files will be suspended until payment is received.

Q. What happens to my ZeroPC account if I do not log in for a long time?

A. Your ZeroPC account will stay active until your renewal date. On your renewal date we will attempt to automatically charge your credit card for another subscription period. If we are unable to complete the charge we will notify you via email. Your ZeroPC account will remain active for up to two weeks. During that time you may login and make a payment. If you do not make a payment after the two week grace period then your account will be disabled. You must contact us or make a payment within 7 days of the account being disabled to avoid permanent removal.

Q. How do I share my content with friends and family

A. ZeroPC provides a super easy way to share content. With Quick Share feature, you can quickly share a file or even a folder with a few simple clicks. ZeroPC takes care of the rest. We send out notification emails to your recipients and provide them with a customized URL link which can be accessed from any device.

Q. Will any of my content ever be shared without my knowledge or consent?

A. Absolutely not. ZeroPC fiercely guards the privacy and security of all of our user's content regardless of plan. We will never share or divulge your content without your consent or knowledge. Our content sharing feature - Quick Share - is exclusively under your control.

Q: How is ZeroPC different than other content sharing sites like Flickr, Dropbox, Box.net, etc..

A. ZeroPC provides deep integration with popular content sharing services Flickr, Google Docs, Box.net, SugarSync and many more to be released soon. You can use a familiar 'drag & drop' process to easily copy and paste content from one service to another. For example, you can copy files from GoogleDocs to Box.net, or copy photos from Facebook to Flickr. There's no need to open separate browsers! Alternatively you can also use ZeroPC cloud storage to store you content and securely lock it up in your Safety Box - only you can access it. Another very big difference is that ZeroPC provides a full, familiar desktop experience online, with deep integration with these popular services, so you can access, edit and share your content from anywhere using a browser - all from one single place. It's more than just content sharing, it's about sharing the full desktop experience.

Q: Does ZeroPC require disabling pop-up blocker in my browser

A: Yes. Please disable the pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups in your browser for ZeroPC access. Some browsers, like Chrome, come with the pop-up blocker enabled as a default. That may prevent certain ZeroPC features from working properly. Please be sure to check your browser's pop-up blocker settings to enable this feature.

Q: How do I get started

A: You can sign up a new ZeroPC account in seconds. Just go to the Signup page, enter your email address, Facebook or Google account information to sign up for a new account. ZeroPC will provide a few instant ZeroPC credits for you to start trying our service!